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One of the most fun parts of the wedding day for me is definitely the confetti shot. It brings together a lot of the main elements of the day, the bride and groom, guests, laughter, fun, excitement and the Unexpected. So how do you get the perfect confetti shot you can hang on your wall and share with your friends and family. It' important to say that these amazing shots don't happen by accident, they've been choreographed to make sure that they are awesome.

Nottingham wedding photographer
CONFETTI PHOTO by Nottingham wedding photographer

Tip 1

Plan where the shot is going to happen traditionally it is done after you leave the church or whether you are having your ceremony, but some places are not too keen on doing these within the grounds so it's worth checking out what the house rules are so before the big day. Also, get your photographer to advise on the best location to get the most out of your shot.


Choose the right confetti. There are many different types of confetti available to Purchase from the old-fashioned synthetic types to the more popular biodegradable paper or natural petal confetti. Most venues will only allow natural confetti or biodegradable confetti.

Tip 3

Make sure your guests throw the confetti at the right time, seems obvious right but there are lots of guests that will randomly throw the confetti before the photographer is ready. So make sure your photographer is in control and has made it clear to the guests when to throw the confetti.

Tip 4

The more the merrier and the more confetti in the picture The brighter and more vibrant the photo will be. Confetti is relatively cheap, this is one thing you don't need to cut costs on.

Tip 5

Don't forget to walk standing upright and smile, It is very tempting, almost a reflux to cover your face or protect yourself from the incoming confetti but remember it's not going to hurt you and it's going to look amazing so relax and enjoy the moment.

CONFETTI PHOTO by Nottingham wedding photographer
CONFETTI PHOTO by Nottingham wedding photographer

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