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The art of seeing but not to be seen is crucial in capturing those natural candid moments. I set out to tell the story of your very special and personal day through photos. I don’t interrupt or get you to pose for the camera constantly which helps me capture relaxed and natural coverage. I’m certainly not one of those photographers who bark orders at people or pose them like mannequins.

Having been a wedding professional for 5 years, I’ve shot events in all locations, in all weather, with all types of lighting and under all kinds of scheduling, so feel assured that you’re in safe and competent hands.

A month before the big day

I will arrange a visit to the venue you are getting married at if I haven’t photographed there before. I will also need a list of group shots and names of the guests so that all the group photos can be taken as quickly as possible so you and your guests can carry on enjoying the day.

There is also the option to have some pre-wedding practice photographs, most people have never been though a shoot before and having seen your pre-wedding images really helps you loosen up on the wedding day. Plus you get to keep the images for free.

Full payment must be settled in full 30 days prior to the wedding. Supplementary album, product and services can always be ordered after.

Q and A

What if it rains?

Most venues will have a contingency plan if the weather is poor. There will always be a spare room, stairwell or foyer for group photos and those of the bride and groom. If it isn’t too bad we can always take a walk under an umbrella and find some sheltered spots for your photos, but whatever the weather, indoors or out, I’ll make sure you get great images.

Do You Take photos during the wedding breakfast? 

We don’t take pictures of people eating, no-one looks good doing it, and we want you and your guests to enjoy your food and not feel self-conscious.

What cameras and kit do you use? Do you have backups?

I use 2 professional Nikon digital cameras with a variety of lenses and flashes. I also have a extra back-up cameras just in-case.


I'm not getting married in your area, will you travel?

Yes! We will go wherever you want us to, both in the UK and Internationally. If you are having a destination wedding there is a real benefit to choosing a wedding photographer local to you and not your venue, as you will be able to build up a relationship and rapport before your wedding. We do not charge travel expenses for weddings throughout the UK. Outside of the UK, as a destination wedding photographer, we would work out a suitable fee for travel and accommodation with you at the time of your quote. 

Do you offer albums? 

I use Folio albums which are stunning handmade albums. More details can be found on my album page


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 Why should you hire me? Firstly, and most importantly, because you connect with the photographs. The hopefully,you'll connect with me. Click below to find out about Thom.


Every bride and groom have a different vision and style. Together we have the opportunity to create fresh new ideas that will reflect your personalities, making your event a unique day to remember.

If you’d like to have a chat about your wedding day you can either send me an email or give me a call.