Top Tips For your Bridal prep photos

Capturing the bridal party getting ready has become an important part of the day. Brides will often want those all important shots of their make up being put on and hair being professionally done.

And as photographers we’re used to doing this.

Here are a couple of easy tips which will help you get the stunning photographs you want to look back on.

Firstly when planning your wedding, have a think about where you will be getting ready and how big your bridal party is. I’ve often arrived at a small hotel room with half a dozen bridesmaids, a make up artist, hairdresser, mother of the bride and now me…sometimes a videographer too! There’s often no room to stand, chaos everywhere and the room resembles a bomb site. It’s hard to pull out those amazing photographs of you getting ready when surrounded by clutter. Also if you’ve only got one bathroom to share with all those ladies……it never ends well!

Secondly keep a close eye on the time. Hopefully by this time the timeline has been worked out. It’s always a good idea to be ready about half an hour before you leave for the church/venue. This way your photographer has time to take a few photos as soon as you are completely ready. Otherwise you are faced with the choice of skipping these photos or missing capturing guests/groom’s party arriving. If your budget can stretch then a second photographer can come in handy here. If I am working with another photographer then sometimes I will leave him with the bride whilst I go to the church and meet the guys.

Bridal prep photos



Thom Walker