Photographing Kids at Weddings

Nottinghamshire wedding photographer

Wondering whether you should invite kids to your wedding? This is often a point of contention for brides. While you may be tempted to throw an adults-only event, here’s a great reason to reconsider: Kids are a wedding photo goldmine. From silly smiles to sweet candids of them pilfering petits fours off the dessert table or twirling themselves silly on the dance floor, pint-sized guests can add joy and spontaneity to your wedding (and subsequently, your wedding album). Here are five expert tricks for getting kids ready for their close-ups, so you can capture them at their cutest!
Snap them first
Children get bored fast, so schedule their formal family portraits early, preferably before the ceremony begins if possible.

Go for action shots
You want kids to be themselves, so instead of having them pose, I ask them to jump or run towards me.

Engage them
I entice sceptical little subjects by letting them look at the screen on the back of my camera: show them one image and they’ll want to see more, and they’ll let you take their photo.

Let them socialise
Kids’ interactions with kids and other guests can be pure magic. Encourage the kids to socialise and make friends.

Don’t mess with a moment
The worst is when you’re about to catch a child doing something incredible and funny, and a parent comes over and says, ‘Smile!’


Thom Walker